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Mature cams Beautiful NicoleDiva shows her body to you


Mature cams Beautiful NicoleDiva shows her body to you.

A friend and I were having sex while listening to The 1975 in the back of his car, when I heard the strangest noise. I didn’t think anything of it at first, until he asked me what was trying to climb through the cracked passenger side window.

There was a Faery climbing into the car while we were having sex! We were sober, so we got clothed and I rolled down the window for her as she climbed in. She flitted onto my chest, sniffing and licking a place where some bacon grease had dropped. As my friend dropped me off at home, I waited for the little creature to follow me inside while I waved to my friend. As she flitted around, I made some bacon and scooped myself some ice cream. The little thin took a big bite and started fingering herself.

I left her there, laying on my table fucking herself, as I carried my bacon and ice cream up to my room for some Black Sails action. I must have passed out, because I felt licking and soft petal strokes on my boobs. I woke up and the little thing was on my boobs, licking droplets of ice cream and eating tiny pieces of bacon off of me. I guess I have a new faery fuck buddy? Guess I am pretty hot, huh? Mature cams Beautiful NicoleDiva shows her body to you.

Date: August 18, 2019

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