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Free nude webcam Come And Get It Baby


Free nude webcam Come And Get It Baby.

It was a game. He sat in the promenade of the park, reading his newspaper as I approached him. I felt the wind gust up the back of my skirt reminding me that I wore no panties and with a little more force everyone behind me would know. I felt so sexy and naughty so exposed. He looked over at me and every bit of moisture in my body pooled in my pussy dripping distractingly down my inner thigh. I tried to be casual as I walked to the fence just on the other side of the bushes. I leaned over looking in the little stream of water.

His warmth filled the space behind me as his fingers moved up the back of my thighs feeling my bare pussy so wet it had to have coated his fingers. He told me of his approval as I waited wanting his cock to touch me, fill me so badly. Instead his fingers went in deep over and over again my body rocking the slightest bit over the rail. He stood so casually behind me his gaze roaming the crowds as he drove me closer to orgasm speaking in a tone only I could hear as he taunted me about being a dirty girl loving the way he used me in public. I begged him to fuck me pleaded for his cock and finally smooth as silk he filled me. Looking like a couple watching the waterfowl he gave me the world’s most incredible orgasm.

Free nude webcam Come And Get It Baby.

Date: May 17, 2020

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