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Adult web cams Squirts Over And Over


Adult web cams Squirts Over And Over.

What lady doesn’t enjoy a night with her girlfriends. Pour a little wine, gossip with your friends and just relax and have a good time. But you know me, I like to spice things up a bit!

I’ve been training a new boytoy of mine, his name is Josh and he’s just starting to learn what proper cock control is about. We’ve spent many nights edging him for hours on end, making him walk that fine line between excitement and explosion. He is just barely meeting my expectations of being able to hold back for as long as I desire or being able to cum on command. My girl’s night get together is the perfect chance to test his stamina and control.

Do you think he will make me proud when I lead him by his leash into the room filled with my lovely girlfriends? Him totally naked while they are fully dressed? I can see the blush on his face but I can also see the way his cock leaps to attention at their giggles. I’ll make it a challenge. Every lady gets three minutes to stroke him any way she likes, he will have to make the rounds three times without spurting then perhaps I’ll let him masturbate to release while everyone watches! This is going to be one very long hour, but he better behave or he’ll need a few more circuits around the room!

Adult web cams Squirts Over And Over. ,

Date: August 17, 2019

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