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Mature cam Exclusive Squirt Show!


Mature cam Exclusive Squirt Show!

Lucky me! I’ve another Sissy Slut wanting to be published. I may become their on-line relief source. I have rules though and this Sissy Slut hasn’t complied with all of them yet. I will be hearing from him before caring through with all.

This is a small insert from the story she has started telling me.

I lay in my bed stroking my cock thinking about the cum I would be swallowing before the night was out. My brother was asleep downstairs and my Dad was sleeping in the next room. For once it was Mom who was away, so I wouldn’t be doing my usual thing of sneaking naked into Mom’s room while Dad was away, dressing up in mom’s lingerie and standing by my mother’s bed with my cock as close to mom’s mouth as I could get it. On those nights I always hoped (and feared) that mom would wake up and catch me, but she never did and I usually ended up putting her lingerie away, sneaking back out and downstairs and sucking my brother’s cock.

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Date: January 20, 2020

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